Geula – Redemption

Welcome to a world in which you can aid your spiritual redemption by improving your health in the least invasive ways and in the ways which will strengthen your chosen spiritual path. We fit with your path if you keep or try to keep the seven commandments of the descendants of Noah (meaning all humanity):  not to practice idolatry, blasphemy, murder, adultery/incest/homosexuality, stealing [epitomized by kidnapping, but other types are included], or cruelty to animals [epitomized by eating from the limb of a living animal, but other types are included], and to create and maintain JUST courts of law.  If you did not get there yet, hop aboard anyhow, as non-invasive and natural health improvement can help you want and be able to get there, and for those of us who are Jewish, can help us get to keeping the 613 commandments for which WE are responsible.



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